GREASE TRAP MAINTENANCE                                                          GREASE TRAP


Q. Where do I apply BIO-ZYME ?

A. In the 3 compartment sink or the floor drain closest to the grease trap. For drains and/or septic pour down the drain furthest from the exit pipe to the city sewer or septic installation.

Q. When do I apply BIO-ZYME ?

A. Once weekly at the close of business; overnight in 24 hour facilities.

Q. Will I pass my health inspections without pumping grease ?

A. BIO-ZYME will keep tanks and traps in bare wall and surface condition with no sludge on the bottom or floating cap on the top. It resets the PH, Total Suspended Solids and pollutant discharge to be within the allowable range with each application.

Q. Will it work on my drains ?

A. BIO-ZYME works along the walls of the pipes as a biofilm, moving in each direction, unaffected by water flow or gravity. It goes everywhere water goes renewing every floor drain, tap sink, urinal and commode. Not even a toilet will overflow !

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